Which is Better, brushing or Flossing

For some people, they often wonder what dental routines they should have. A lot of people might believe that brushing and flossing is both needed and desired, but some might believe one is better than the other. For some, going to their Santa Clarita dentist about this might prove to be worth your while. However, you might want the answer right away on this, especially since it can prove to be important as well. So the question of which is better, brushing or flossing will be tackled today in this article, allowing you to figure out for yourself and understand that while they are both important, one is better than the other.

Now, let’s imagine that you’re trapped on a deserted island with no means to get one or the other. You’re left with two choices: either a toothbrush, or some floss. You might begin to wonder if you had to choose between one or the other, which would be better for you. now, while that might be a crazy question, some people might want to know the importance of each activity. While everyone does encourage others to brush their teeth, however, the correct answer to this is actually not the toothbrush.

The answer, is flossing. You might wonder why that is. After all, it’s just a small piece of equipment that seems to definitely be something that can help you. it’s way more important than brushing, and if you had to choose one or the other, definitely choose flossing. There are many reasons for this, and that’s where this next part will touch over.

For starters, the ramifications of not doing a flossing activity each day is so much higher than brushing. Think about it, floss gets in those very hard-to-reach places on the teeth, and often, these areas are where gum disease seems to come up. Gum disease is probably one of the worst things that could happen if you don’t brush, but flossing does contribute to this a lot. Flossing will help to curb gum disease, and you can even wrap this around the tooth in order to get the various areas and get a deeper clean. With a brush, you might not.

Then, there is the buildup of biofilm, such as plaque and tartar. These can start to eat into the tooth, creating cavities and occasionally the need for crowns, and in some cases, you might need a root canal. This biofilm can cause a lot of damage, and while brushing does access it in the front and back areas, getting at the bottom, and near the sides requires flossing. Often, cavities will form more on these small areas to the side, and the darkened areas are certainly more prevalent there. If you do floss, you’ll be able to get more of the buildup, far more than a toothbrush would have access to.

Now, there is also the fact that you will also be on an island. In this hypothetical situation where you’re stranded, often people are on islands. Islands contain a lot of fresh foods, those which aren’t processed like which are in today’s diets. The processed foods have way more sugars in it, and they can cause cavities, however if you’re on an island without this, you’ll be taking in way less guard, and often, the crunchy foods will help to get the particles off as well. Plus, you’ll mostly be drinking water, so you can flush any excess particles off, which makes brushing not a necessity.

So, if you’re thinking about this, if you really want to know the power between the two of them, and which is more important, while you might want to talk to your Santa Clarita dentist, who will probably tell you the same thing, it’s obvious what the answer is. It’s flossing, and flossing should be done period. Everyone should work on flossing, making sure that they have the best and healthiest teeth that they can possess. For many, this might seem like a shocking thing, but for others, it’s pretty obvious what the correct answer is. However, keeping the best oral health routine is really what you should be going for.